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Born in 1970, Alain Helou founded “Les Ateliers du Vent” in 1996. He's currently in charge of the art
direction. A director himself, he staged several productions “Natasha and Kupriyanov” by Alexander
Vvedenski, 2007, “The tavern” collective creation, 2005, Theatre drink (inspired by Régis Guigand,
Daniil Harms and Molière), “There she is” by Nathalie Sarraute ... He has just conducted a workshop on
Henri Michaux in Moscow. He is the artistic coordinator of most collective projects. He was the curator
of “Long live the Young Guard.”

Alain Helou is one of the founders and the main coordinator of the artistic collective. His personal artistic
practice is rooted in multidisciplinarity. Director and actor, poetry lover, he was the curator of “Long live
the young guard”.
He's very interested in Eastern Europe and is the leader of all these collaborative projects. His
motivation is the desire to discover what has long been the unknown part of our continent, the desire for
reconciliation with individuals and countries that are experiencing dramatic economic social and cultural
changes which are shaping up our common reality. What emerges in the end should be a reflection on our
own identities, on what we have in common, and on the richness of our differences in a context where
people are increasingly prone to withdraw into seclusion and their own conception of the world.

Les Ateliers du Vent is a multidisciplinary artist collective founded in 1996. They have carried out more
than one hundred projects; investment and redevelopment of four sites and a great desire to share the
work and discoveries with local people and the city in general.
Ever since the beginning, the collective Les Ateliers du Vent has considered the international dimension
of their work as an anchor for their local activities. “The house we are building would be meaningless
without large windows open to the world. “ They promote varied, enriching exchanges among artists and
between artists and the audience. These exchanges are becoming a tangible, physical network to allow
regular confrontation of constantly moving identities.
During theirs trips abroad, they have discovered initiatives and places which were close to theirs values
and to theirs way of functioning. Those meetings with artists in all kinds of fields have developed
profusely and the desire to continue these exchanges aroused naturally.
They benefit from extensive contacts with those teams and artists who operate in the fields of theater,
music and visual arts. They are building up an original and adventurous network of cultural, intellectual
and political diversity which is especially necessary in today's Europe.


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