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Alexandru ANTIK

Vizual artist, works in genres: sculpture, installation, performance, media art.
Born: 1950 Reghin, RO
Contact: e-mail: sandor_antik@yahoo.com

Education: Sinse 2008 lecturer in Dpt of Fine Arts, PKE, Oradea (RO)
Research: Visual art; Visual communication; Media history; Multimedia and Intermedia.

1975: Licenced: Institute of Fine Arts „Ion Andreescu”, Cluj-Napoca (RO).
2003-2005: DLA studies of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (H).

Artistic activity:
~ 1978-1982: Objects Hypothesis, a sculptural series in an intermediate zone of the artifacts and
conceptual art; In periode 1980-1990 performed a series of artistic actions in addressing critical
artistic context and status of the time (1980: Happening, U.A.P. Galerie, Cluj Napoca; 1983:
„The Alchemy of the Ceramist” - action Centre of U.A.P.Cluj; 1986: „Cellar performance”,
Cellar of the Medieval Pharmacy Sibiu).
~ After 1990: a series of mixed media installations / actions artistic / performance – works, in
that questions the new dimensions of artistic expression and artistic society context changes;
1990: Muscamor memorie foto-installation, Old Galerie, Cluj Napoca; 1992: Environment-
acţion, Transfoto Galerie, Budapest; 1994: The prison of Fantasy videoinstallation, Ex Oriente
Lux, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest; 1997: Non show line action, Art Museum, Cluj Napoca; 1997:
Daily Eclipse installation, L’Espase Pont Alexandre III., Paris; 1996: The abandoning of skin
performance, 1999: Brainstorming exercises performance, Est Europe Zone-International
Performance Festival Timişoara.
~ In 1995-2010 periode: performed a series of inter-and multimedia installations; 1997:
Microevent videoinstallation, Ostranenie’97 Internaţional Media Electronica Forum, Bauhaus-
Dessau / WRO-01 / 9th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclav; 1998: Control in training
multimedia installation and performance, Gioconda's smile / From Mythic to Techno-Ritual,
Internaţional Performance Festival CSAC Chisinau; 1999: Corpus Transit videoinstallation,
48th.Exposizione Internazionale d’Arte, Biennale di Venezia, Romanian Cultural Institut,
Venezia; 2001: Daily Eclipse mixed media installation, L’Espase Pont Alexandre III., Paris;
2003: Familial workshop mixed media installation, Explorations in Psychic Geography, d’Or
Gallery, Vancouver; 2002: Piramidal, Zambacalamba Net, Viewpoint interactive animations,
Prixars / Ars Electronica Linz / 2004: Swap Galérie Lyon; 2008: Articulation Error multimedia
installation, INTERMODEM International Exhibition, MODEM Centre for Modern and
Contemporary Arts, Debrecen; 2010: a film about the videoinstallation Control in training,
When History Comes Knocking: Romanian Art from the 80s and 90s in Close Up, Plan B
Gallery, Berlin; 2010: Zambacalamba Net video projection, Marina Abramovici Institute, San

KSA:K 1996-2012

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