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Alexandru Antic

Conceptual premises

The approach of the Enacting text / Performing Social Progress workshop I conceive in the spirit
of experimentation, exploring artistic genres, such as artistic actions, happening and performance.
Therefore, the participants would take the theoretical knowledge, language and development
processes of these types during the program period, and their involvement in the workshop.
The creative thinking, that I would characterize as a not conform one, can link things, phenomena,
distant or illogical ideas, in shocking connection and unexpected meanings. I see my purpose
as a tutor in stimulating of creativity and thinking deliberation of participants, in initiating and
conducting some "brainstorming exercises" in this sense.

My proposals for theoretical and practical sections

I. Section 1. / Theoretical workshop – proposed:
"An inspirative presentation of the actionism", a non-academic presentation about verbal and
visual expressions, absurd and paradoxical of the surrealism, Dada, about genres: artistic actions,
happening, performance. The presentation would like to overturn the conceptual characteristics of
these genres, and would like to use examples of 20th century art history (especially of the Fluxus
Group art).

II. Section 2. / for the Practical Workshop I would propose two approaches, in order to involve
workshop participants:
1. An initiation of several "brainstorming exercises" a few titles of topics (improvised/optional): A
verbal self-organizing; Fertilizing crossing in Spalatorie or Muzeul Zemstvei (tbc.); A flagrant in art,
... etc. (we will also see other topics, which could be useful)
2 Actions and paradox music scores using the conceptual score of George Brecht: Generating an

Methodology, organization of the space and time in the practical workshop

In the view of knowing and inspiring of participants I will use the "brainstorming exercises",
dialogue in the group and the private contacts. We will also organize occasionally (according to the
scenario) the space. In order to develop ideas and finalize theirs works, participants will develop
their previously completed scenario "Map of the Mind" according to theirs proposal. I’ll offer advice
during the works’ finalizing (which can be an action, event, performance), and a coordination of an
appropriate presentation in the presentation place/exhibition.

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