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Enacting text / Performing Social Progress

Articulation Error, by Alexandru Antik, video installation, 2008

Workshop Period: 16-25 May 2012
Location: Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts; Muzeul Zemstvei
Participants: 10 persons will be selected from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine
Organizers: KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau & Les Ateliers du Vent, Rennes
Invited tutors: Mia Habib/Norwey, Alexander Antik/Romania and Alain Helou /Les Ateliers du Vent/France

Performing Social Progress Workshop is part of Drifting Identities curated by Stefan Rusu in the frame of HEICO Network.

The common artistic contention and research of the project will mediate between the similar cultural identities in Eastern
Europe to employ new artistic and cultural practice of European understanding. Border countries, borderline experiences and experiences
of war, the heritage of different cultural and political systems, belonging, foreignness and identity are key terms and combining
elements in the Eastern European regions of the project partners. This corporate history becomes a common European quality.
One of the project aims is to organize workshop for the exchange of new practices and ideas and brings together art professionals
from France, Norway, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Workshop Contents and Structure:
The workshop is a new practice-oriented platform organized in collaboration by Les Ateliers du Vent and the Center for
Contemporary Art- ksak in Chisinau. The workshop's point of departure will be the texts and legacy of Urmuz (author of absurdist short
prose and poetry, influential for the development of Dadaism and the Theatre of the Absurd), Daniil Harms (Soviet-era surrealist
and absurdist poet, writer and playwright, founder of the avant-garde collective OBERIU, or "Union of Real Art"), and
Henri Michaux (Belgian-born French painter, journalist, and poet, who explored the inner self and human suffering through dreams,
fantasies, and drug-induced experiments; Michaux's work show his interest in Surrealism, but he never joined the movement, and his
writings avoid all classifications), which will foster the process of creation of specific forms between performing art, contemporary
dance and performance practices, involving students, artists and teachers from state institutions from the Republic of Moldova,
Romania and Ukraine. Invited tutors from the Les Ateliers du Vent and from Norway and Romania will coordinate the theoretical and
practical sections, as well as the final presentation of the workshop results. The aesthetic position of Urmuz and Daniil Harms,
centered on a belief in art's independence from real world rules and logic will be questioned in the new social and political
circumstances, based on the reuse and reevaluation of their short prose and poetry. The participants can choose to work as a group
or individually, the same way they can choose between working with one of the tutors and getting advice from all of them.

Skills gained by taking the workshop:
At the end of the theoretical workshop the participants will have obtained basic information about performing art,
contemporary dance and performance practices. At the end of the production workshop each participant will perform a solo piece
(up to 10-20min. duration), which will be presented in the frame of the Tandem project exhibition at the Muzeul Zemstvei, Chisinau.

This Workshop is produced in collaboration by KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau & Les Ateliers du Vent, Rennes in the
frame of TANDEM Project. Enacting text / Performing Social Progress Workshop is a part of Drifting Identities project developed
in the frame of HEICO Network.

This project is supported by European Commission, ECF (European Cultural Foundation), Amsterdam.

Project partners: MitOst, CAE, CCM, SFM, Robert Bosch Foundation, Alliance Francaise de Moldavie, Teatrul Spalatorie,
Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, Chisinau.

Center for Contemporary Art-[KSA:K] is a non-profit, independent institution registered in the year 2000. The new
strategy of the Center is the development of cultural forms and art practices, which would reflect the dynamic of the social, political
and economic transformations of the society. Center pleads for the advocacy activities in promoting of the cultural
policies suitable for the defining and the consolidation of the artist's position and contemporary art practices in the society.

Les Ateliers du Vent is a multidisciplinary artist collective founded in 1996. They have carried out more than one
hundred projects; investment and redevelopment of four sites and a great desire to share the work and discoveries with local
people and the city in general. Ever since the beginning, the collective Les Ateliers du Vent has considered the international
dimension of their work as an anchor for their local activities. “The house we are building would be meaningless without large windows
open to the world. “ They promote varied, enriching exchanges among artists and between artists and the audience. These exchanges
are becoming a tangible, physical network to allow regular confrontation of constantly moving identities.

KSA:K 1996-2012

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