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Mia Habib

“[Mia Habib has a] much needed culture critical perspective on body, identity, society and dance”

Mia Habib holds a M.A in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University and B.A. in
Choreography and Dance Pedagogy at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

She sees the journey as an integral part of her work and has choreographed, danced and
researched in several European countries as well as Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Palestine, Madagascar,
Iraq, Turkey, Morocco and Syria.

In her ongoing projects Mia is working with her new solo HEAD(S), the project “who never
stumbles got no place to fall” with Rani Nair, Jane Jin Kaisen, Jassem Hinid and Ong Keng
Sen, the expedition “The Clipperton Project”, Shullamite with Timo Kreuser and Bynjar
Bandlien’s "Romanian Dance History II".

In 2009 Dance House co-produced three of Mia Habib´s projects as being chosen artist of the
year. The projects for her association Mia Habib Productions / Sweet&Tender Norway, for 2009-
2010, were “WE INSIST” with Rani Nair and Jassem Hindi, “a couple dance” with Guilherme
Garrido, and the Sweet & Tender project “Living house” that she was facilitating.
Among others she has worked with Julie Nioche / a.i.m.e., L.U.N., IRO-company, Petter
Goldstine, Bea Niechele/company be willie and Tommy Noonan/ PVC company Stadttheater
Freiburg in “Tout Court”.
Mia has collaborated with several artists and scholars outside of the dance field among others the
philosopher Boyan Manchev (Paris, Sofia) which has used M ISSING I N A CTION as an example
both in his book, several of his writings and lectures.

She is a collaborator of Sweet & Tender Collaborations and is at the moment a member of the
board of The Norwegian Opera and Ballet in her second period. She is the artistic director together
with Iris Lana of “The New Dance Project 2012” at HaZira in Jerusalem.


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