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Workshop: MAPPING MOBILITIES. Nodes of Transitions and Encounters

CALL for participants

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Period: 24th – 26th of April, 2013
Location: Zemstvei Museum (str. Sciusev 103)
Tutors: Michael Hieslmair & Michael Zinganel (Austria)
Organised by KSAK-Contemporary Art Center, Chisinau.

Between 24th – 26th of April Michael Zinganel together with his partner Michael Hieslmair will
conduct the workshop addressed to local participants.
The workshop will take place at the premises of Zemstvei Museum.

The workshop focuses on the production, the geo-politic dimension and communicability
of alternative forms of knowledge. Therefore reference projects related to various theories,
emphases and methods of artistic and scientific research, which relate to „cartography“ and
“mapping” of transnational mobility and migration, will be introduced and discussed.

Participants will be asked to present their self-governed and organised knowledge as well as
applied methods, strategies, conversion-techniques from their respective disciplinary field
(art, architecture, performance, cultural studies etc.). Based on their ‘career-, mobility- or
migration-paths’ the group will develop a network of paths – an extensive two- and partly three-
dimensional mapping. Along each path selected macro-political events and micro-political
experiences – linked to participants’ biography, fields of interest and research questions – will be
located. During the whole workshop the network-installation will serve as the central visual and
chronological system of ordering, which will be augmented with various sorts of texts, comic-
style drawings, photos and narrative audio tracks etc. The network-installation, produced in
a collective manner, serves as the central tool for communication, interaction, mediation and

Who may attend?

Everybody interested in the topic and process of knowledge-production mentioned above
is cordially invited to participate. Particularly researchers, cultural practitioners, students,
teachers and cultural workers in the field of art, architecture and cultural sciences as well as
non-professionals with a strong interest in on the representation of knowledge and visual
communication might feel attracted.
By the way it is possible to enter the workshop anytime!

Sequence and Timeframe

Wednesday 24.04.2013, starting at 7pm
As an introduction we present some of our own projects by referring to a selection of (historic)
mapping-approaches and -techniques – followed by an overview on the objectives and the
sequence of the workshop.

Thursday 25.04.2013, starting at 1pm – Open End
Every participant is asked to present his/her individual ‘path-story’ in a short performance by
using theatrical elements and drawings. The narrations are tracked on large sheets of paper
and fixed on the walls of the space. Based on the displayed information the group is asked to
develop ideas and concepts for a collective mapping. This mapping is going to be converted in an
extensive installation (by using the floor, walls, etc.) the next day.

Friday 26.04.2013, starting at 1pm, culminating in a final presentation at 7pm
At the beginning the group has to agree on a common form of representation and on the layout
of the collective mapping. Subsequently everybody is asked to elaborate and extend his/her
individual nodes and narrations and integrate them into the collective mapping. The final
presentation culminates in a polyphonic guided tour along the routes and nodes on display.

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